Take a look at our range of chlorine resistant, UPF 50+ women’s swimwear and women’s rashies in a variety of gorgeous patterns!

What our Customers are Saying

I wish more businesses would be like you! I was tossing up whether to buy my son new bathers for our upcoming holiday but as soon as I saw your accommodating email – you made up my mind! Thank-you for your assistance and generosity. Thanks again. My son will be the best dressed child on the beach!
In summer we swim every second day at the local pool which has so much chlorine but it has never damaged the fabric that you use for your swimwear. We buy each year because we wear your bathers out so much – I can’t say that about any other clothing I have ever bought! Keep up the excellent work, your bathers are loved by so many people that we can’t help but speak of the love we have for your swimwear; it truly is fabulous!
I have been using Babes in the Shade for years now and the range and the quality have always been excellent. My kids have always outgrown their rashies and board shorts before they’ve out worn them. You can always spot a Babes in the Shade kid on the beach as they are always the best protected and best dressed, right down to the matching hat!